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The Embassy attests the seals and signatures of the concerned authorities of the Australian Government on the basis of specimen details provided by them in the documents concerning consular, trade and commercial matters between Nepal and Australia.  Fee applicable Aud $ 65 



 Similarly, seals and signatures are attested in the documents issued by the offices of the Government of Nepal and certified/attested by the consular section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Fee applicable Aud $ 85 i/o 65



Power of Attorney


Power of Attorney prepared in a format prescribed by law and submitted along with a written request by the concerned is attested as per prevalent rules and laws. The person giving power of attorney must be present in the Consulate General of Nepal, NSW and must sign the document in the presence of the head of mission. All relevant documents (land/property ownership certificate/registration certificate/Nepali citizenship card and photographs of both giver and taker must be submitted along with a joint formal application addressed to the Embassy. Fee applicable Aud $ 85

Renunciation of Nepalese Citizenship


Any Nepali national willing to renounce the citizenship of Nepal can fill in the form and submit to the Embassy . Fee applicable Aud $ 65 


No Objection Certificate


The Embassy issues No Objection Certificate upon request.




The Consulate General of Nepal, NSW, in keeping with the letter and spirit of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, 1961 and the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, 1963 provides services to the Nepalese nationals in need.


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